Best Rock Lights for Jeep

10 Best Rock Lights for Jeep – A Comprehensive Guide for Off-road Driving in 2022

Fog lights and headlights are helpful to see the road at night. But you probably asking, why would you need to buy a rock lights if you already have headlights and fog lights? It’s because rock lights can make rocks and debris visible in the dark. Thus, these lights will keep you safe and your vehicle from getting damaged when driving off-road.

You can install the rock lights underneath, underside, rear, or front to help you steer your Jeeps when driving in reverse. However, you are not allowed to use the lights when driving on the highway. So, before you visit a car accessory store, make sure you know these things.

This post will provide you 10 of the best rock lights for jeeps with essential facts about each type to help you decide. Also included are the pros and cons and the unique features that differentiate one from the others. At the end of this guide, we will provide you our top choice.

Top 5 Best Rock Lights for Jeep Comparison in 2022

  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Color: RGB Multicolor
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  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Color: RGB
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  • Material: Aluminum
  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Color: RGB Multicolor
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  • Material: Aluminum
  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Color: RGB Multicolor
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  • Material: Aluminum
  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Color: White
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What is a Rock Light?

Rock lights are ancillary lights created to keep you safe while driving offroad. These lights are usually installed underneath the Jeep. It was called rock light because of its purpose to expose the rocks and debris by illuminating the road and help you avoid accidents.

There are various types of rock light kits offering not only to illuminate the road. You can choose from the various displays and colors. If you are a party goer, you will enjoy the different music mode, which is used to control the speed and brightness of the lights depending on the best of the music.

These add-ons are controlled through an app downloaded on your Smartphone. You can easily dim the light and brighten it by simply pressing your device. QR codes are found in the kit manual, so you will not have a hard time finding the right app for your lights.

Different Types of Rock Light

Rock lights are classified based on several factors:

Mounting Method

The first type is classified according to the mounting method:

  • Mounting using magnets
  • Installing utilizing screw systems

Number of LED Chips

The number of LED chips is vital when you are choosing the appropriate light intensity. You can choose from:

  • 2 LED Rock Lights
  • 3 LED Rock Lights
  • 4 LED Rock Lights

Light Type

The type of rock lights varies. The most popular ones are as follows:

  • RGB Rock lights.
  • LED Rock lights.

Many rock lights are LED lights, which are known for their durability, effectiveness, and energy-efficient.

Manner of Controlling the Lights

Before rock, lights are controlled manually. At present, there are various ways of controlling them, and they differ from brand to brand. Here are some of the common types:

  • Bluetooth(mobile) controlled rock lights.
  • Remote-controlled rock lights.
  • Switch-panel-controlled rock lights.

Other types of rock lights are based on the light color, music mode, and ability to change light speed.

The 10 Best Rock Lights for Jeep Product Reviews

1. USTELLAR RGB LED Rock Lights 

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Ustellar is a company founded in April 2016 and is dedicated to provide quality and durable rock lights. Their product is designed by a group of serious-minded and passionate young engineers in Shenzhen. Customer satisfaction is their utmost concern, so you can be assured of quality rock lights.

RGB Multicolored and Music Mode

RGB LED Rock Lights has eight LED rock lights. It features remote control and an app-controlled remote control so you can easily customize the light speed, stroboscopic speed, and brightness. Aside from that, it has 8 pods that can aim at any angle of up to 150 degrees. Also, enjoy the lights as they dance with the music rhythm and your voice.

Compatible with any Make and Model of Vehicles

It is not only compatible with jeeps, but the lights can also be used in any make and model of vehicle. The lights can be used as exterior lights, interior lights, and under glow lights. Installing the lights are fast and easy.

IP68 Waterproof, Dustproof and Rustproof

Ustellar has an IP68 rating which makes it dustproof, rustproof, and waterproof. Thus, you can use them even on boats, under the truck, ATV, or under a car.

Phone App Remote Control

You can adjust the speed, brightness, and stroboscopic speed of the RGB rock lights with four keys, phone app remote control, and 24 keys RF remote control.


  • Easy to install
  • It can be controlled in two ways – phone app remote control and RF remote control
  • It can shoot wide-angle up to 150 degrees
  • With a 2-year warranty and lifetime support
  • Higher IP rating


  • It does not have a break light feature

2. MustWin RGB LED Rock Lights

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MustWin RGB LED makes sure that you will get quality RGB LED rock lights that will last longer. The brand boasts several good features that off-road drivers will surely love. If you want easy to control rock lights, you can consider this brand so you will have a fantastic road adventure ahead.

Three Control Modes

It has three control modes that are easy to navigate. You will not have any problem using the 4 keys and 24 keys remote control. Adjusting the speed, stroboscopic speed, and brightness is worry-free with its app control. After installing the app, you can choose from 16 million colors. Using these control modes, you can adjust the rock lights easily.

IP68 Waterproof Level

MustWin RGB LED rock lights have an IP68 waterproof rating, which means they can withstand dust, sand, and dirt and are resistant to water up to 1.5 m underwater. Thus, driving to harsh snow or heavy rain is not a problem. The lights will work well even after submerging it into the water for three hours.

10 Pods with Premium Quality Chip

MustWin rock lights offer 15 SMD beads much higher than other brands can provide. The brand has a good quality LED chip that provides brighter lights and consumes less energy. You can place the lights under the vehicle. They can also make good interior lighting.

Applicable to Most Offroad Vehicles

MustWin rock lights kits can be used in cars, trucks, SUVs, ATV motorcycles, ATVs, UTV, boats, etc. It can also be used for the dome, yacht, interior, neon lights, etc. The kit includes two types of mounting, drill or no drill. The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty with lifetime support.


  • Installing requires less time and effort
  • Compatible in several offroad vehicles
  • Available in a set of 10 pods
  • Higher IP waterproof rating
  • With a 2-year warranty and lifetime support


  • Not as bright as expected

3. SUNPIE 4 Pods RGBW LED Rock Lights

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The most common issue users are complaining about rock lights is that they tend to distract other drivers. The Sunpie 4 Pods RGBW rock lights have resolved this issue by developing lighting set with reduced glare. They comply with DOT, and you can use them without bothering other drivers on the road.

Metal LED Base Resistant to High-Temperature

Sunpie LED rock lights have a high-temperature resistant metal LED base, making them resistant to water and light up even when submerged in water. Most offroad drivers prefer a metal LED base to a plastic base. Painted metal could withstand high temperatures, extend rock lights service life, and dissipate heat better.

Two-Way to Control LED Lights

You can adjust the lights in two ways. One is by using the 24 keys remote control and by downloading the app into your Smartphone. You can customize the color using the color selection panel. Use the remote control to change the music’s colors and mood, with over 20 strobe and voice modes. If you purchase two more rock lights, you can control each light separately by simply pressing the lock button for three seconds on the remote control.

Two Different Rubber Mounting Pads

The lights have two different flats and some rubber mounting pads. You have the option to install the rock lights in various places on your fender board. Also included in the package are screws tools, remote control, Bluetooth control box, and instruction manual. Rock lights are easy to connect and drilled into your vehicle fender board.

IP68 Waterproof, Dustproof, and Rustproof

Sunpie LED 4 pods rock lights received an IP68 waterproof rating, meaning they can withstand longer and can function even submerge on water up to 1.5m. The lights have a longer shelf life as it is dustproof and rustproof.


  • User-friendly customer service
  • Bright with less glare
  • Has sturdy base and shock/waterproof
  • It has a broader application
  • Great value for your money


  • Not as durable as the others

4. MICTUNING 2nd-Gen RGB LED Rock Lights 

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Mictuning is a company known for its quality LED rock lights. One of its many products is the Mictuning 2nd-Gen rock lights. The lights are available in two sizes, and users can choose between 4 or 8 pods. Each pod is installed in various areas on the vehicle for an exciting lighting experience.

2nd Gen Bluetooth Controlled and Music Mode

The application is compatible with Android 4.3 and iOS 7 above. You can install the lights easily in your motorcycle, car, dome, offroad truck, etc. The app is upgraded to control 1-4 sets using only one phone. Do not forget to download the app by scanning the QR code as mentioned in the instruction to prevent connecting issues.

Includes Two Types of Mounting Pads

The kit includes two types of mounting pads, one for ease of wiring assembly and the other is for connection to the cree/lamps. Installing the lights are pretty easy. Scan the QR code found at the user manual or control box and download the application for installation. Follow the instruction, then search and connect the Bluetooth device for the lighting effects.

Easy to Control Color Effect

Once you install the app, you can easily set your preferred lighting scenarios. Choose from millions of colors and create your own effects. Adjusting the stroboscopic speed, speed of lights, and brightness is easy. With the upgraded app, you can control 2 to 4 sets of rock lights simultaneously and change the colors by simply shaking your phone.

IP68 Waterproof Rating

Each light pod has IP68 waterproof rating, which is relatively high compared to others. The lights have solid aluminum construction, making them very resistant to impact. The light pod cords are made of premium quality materials and are long enough for various usage.


  • The lights are very versatile. You can install them easily on any offroad vehicle
  • Controlled by Bluetooth
  • Available in two sizes
  • Easy to customized
  • Durable construction


  • The app contains some bugs

5. YONEDA LED Rock Lights 

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Yoneda LED rock lights support voltage from 9V to 32V, and each LED chip requires 3 watts. This brand has 4 pods, and each pod has 3 cree LEDs. The pod’s net dimension is 2.7 x 1.37 inches and weighs around 290 grams. Offroad drivers prefer Yoneda because of the many good features it provides.

Sturdy Construction

One of the main features offroad drivers would consider when buying rock lights is their construction. It should be something that can withstand any weather. The die-cast aluminum and very tough glass housing make it very durable.

Universal Fit

The Yoneda LED rock lights can fit all types of vehicles. They are also quite versatile as they can reverse light, underglow light, interior light, and underglow light. The lights are protected by polymer and anti-corrosion coating. So, it does not matter if you are driving in the desert, river, or any harsh environment they can function flawlessly.

Keeps the Temperature Low

The aluminum used as housing is an excellent heat dissipater. Because of this, you can use the lights for an extended time without overheating. Also, the lights are rustproof, which means you can use them even during bad weather without worrying about getting rusted.

IP68 Waterproof Rating

The IP68 waterproof rating is high enough to survive up to 1.5m for some brands up to 3m. The rating also means the lights are rustproof and dustproof, and driving through a rough road and harsh weather is not a problem.


  • Easy to install
  • Reliable and durable build quality
  • Includes all the needed accessories for installation
  • Priced reasonably
  • Does not overheat


  • It does not include a switch

6. OFFROADTOWN RGB Rock Light Kits

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Offroad Town was established in 2010 and is dedicated to providing quality LED lights and accessories for any vehicle. The company focuses on developing an environmental-friendly and energy-saving light source. Their RGB rock light kit has lots of things to offer.

Compatible with Most Offroad Vehicles

One of the features Offroad Town rock light users like about the product is that it can be installed on most offroad vehicles like jeeps, SUVs, regular cars, etc., even on boats.

Bluetooth Controlled

Controlling the lights is easy using the mobile application that supports iOS and Android through Bluetooth. Use the application in controlling the music mode and timing. You have complete control over the 12 pods RGB LED rock lights as it offers 16 million color options to meet your lighting preferences. These lights will help illuminate the road at night and during bad weather.

IP68 Waterproof Rating

With an IP68 rating, these lights are completely waterproof. You can use the lights even when there is a flood up to 1.5m. These lights can be used in any outdoor condition without getting damaged.

Tough LED Covering

Installing these lights is fast and easy. You only need to scan the QR code found in the instruction manual and download the mobile app. LEDs covering is pretty tough. It is hard to break and can survive the impact. Protecting each light pod is a die-cast aluminum material for added durability.


  • Supports a wide voltage range
  • Includes two types of mounting pads
  • Very bright with 72 watts power rating
  • Great lighting effects


  • The cable included in the package is not long enough when installing in some vehicles

7. YCHOW-Tech RGB Led Rock Lights 8 Pods

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YCHOW-Tech is a popular brand focused on providing innovative, cheap, and quality products. The company has been specializing in automotive parts and accessories for many years. They aim to constantly improve their products and satisfy the needs of their consumers.

Complete Control On Colors and Music Mode

The LED rock lights put you in total control providing 16 million RGB color choices and customization to meet the offroad drivers lighting preferences and at the same time improves nighttime vision under and around the vehicle.

Durable Construction

YCHOW-Tech underglow rock light has high-quality LEDs, which have a brighter light and is energy-saving. The material is quite durable, not easy to break, has waterproof LED rock lights, and has a longer shelf life.

Dependable Control Box

The kit comes with 8 pigtails, compatible with Android 4.3 or iOS 7. It enables you to connect to 8 pods rock lights easily. The LED lights have an IP68 waterproof rating that you can use as boat lights, neon light LED replacement, dome light, etc. The lights have rustproof and dustproof construction.

Fits Most of the Offroad Vehicles

The 8 Pods rock lights can fit most offroad vehicles, ATV/SUV, boat, 4 x 4, etc. The lights can be used as deck lights, chassis lights, and ambient light. Unfortunately, the cord is not long enough, so you might need to purchase an extension wire.


  • Bluetooth works perfectly
  • Durable construction
  • High-quality RGB LED chips
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Environment friendly and energy-saving lights


  • The cord is not long enough to reach the battery

8. Nilight RGB LED Rock Lights Kit

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Nilight is a popular brand focused on providing innovative, quality and affordable products. They have been specializing in automotive products and components for many years. As part of their dedication, improvements are made to their products, and innovation is their primary aim.

Impressive Colors and Bright Lighting

The brand uses quality LED chips. Each light pod has 10-14 watts output that is quite bright and has high-intensity RGB colors for truck lighting. The Nilight RGB LED rock light also features IP68 waterproof and high-quality aluminum construction, ensuring it will perform longer at 50,000 hours.

Provides Great Lighting Modes

Nilight offers impressive lighting modes that include millions of various colors with easy-to-control brightness. It also has 20 flashing and strobing modes with adjustable speed, voice response, timing function, and sync with the music rhythm.

Smaller Controller Box

The control box is upgraded, and it was smaller than before for less space consumption and easier installation. It is compatible with iOS 7 and Android 4.3 or higher. Download the app, open Bluetooth on your device, connect it to the app, restart to control the light easily, and use all the functions without bugs or errors.

Remarkable Operating Voltage

The operating voltage is 9-32v DC and can be applied as an exterior bed light, provided better lighting on a truck, UTV, SUV, motorbike, ranger, boat motorcycle, Raptor, buggy, etc. These rock lights offer style and safety.


  • Illuminates well for better visibility at night
  • Includes switch for flexible installation
  • Versatile and easy to control
  • Waterproof, dustproof, and rustproof


  • It needs to be drilled into the truck bed

9. Xprite RGB LED Rock Lights Kit

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The Xprite RGB LED rock lights kit is for you looking for multiple flashing multicolored lights. These very bright white LED lights are installed on small pods. The kit includes 24 LED lights that are super versatile and can be mounted when extra light is required. You don’t need a flashlight to illuminate the area as these lights can make the place bright.

High-Quality Light Pod

Because of its high-quality light pod, you will have no issues dealing with water, rust, or dust. It has an IP67 waterproof rating. Maintaining them is also relatively easy. The brightness will remain strong for longer. The lights will function as expected and helps keep your vision shart at nighttime offroad trips.

Durable Polycarbonate Lens

Compared to plastic, polycarbonate lenses are lighter and thinner, but they are shatter-proof and protect the lights against heat. The material disseminates heat well, so you don’t have to worry when it becomes very hot during summer.

Third Generation Bluetooth

Xprite third-gen Bluetooth was fast and easy to connect. It functions better than other light kits. You can easily control the lights using Bluetooth, including the flashing, brightness, and blinking.

Two Types of Mountain Pads

These rock lights are not only an eight-piece set but also available with fewer lights. You can choose the 6-pieces model or the 4-pieces model. The price will also vary depending on the model and the number of lights. Also, you can choose from the two types of mountain pads. You can check the instruction manual for proper installation.


  • Includes remote control
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Installation is fast and easy, and you can install them in various ways
  • Several light functions and displays


  • The wire could be longer

10. Ampper Waterproof LED Rock Lights

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Ampper LED rock lights can be mounted anywhere you like as they will not just brighten the road but also enhance your vehicle. These LED lights have a universal fit which means they are compatible with all makes and models. It is recommended that you mount them underneath your car’s body and use them to illuminate the road so you can avoid any rocks or debris.

Made of Durable Tough Materials

The Ampper LED rock lights are pretty versatile. These lights are made of tough material die-cast aluminum and are strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. Because of this, these lights are also used as construction lights, agricultural machinery, forklift lights, and snow lights.

Available in Five Colors

These lights are available in white, red, yellow, blue, and green. Aside from the four pods model, they are also available in two pods and six pods models. These LED chips are from CREE, so you are assured they are of good quality.

Die-Cast Aluminum Housing

A durable die-cast aluminum housing protects the lights, with each pod dimension is 2.76 x 1.38 inches. So, you are assured that you will have a portable and durable product in your possession. These LED rock lights can handle voltage from 12V to 24V, making them suitable for all types of off-road vehicles.

Covered with Heavy-Duty Polymer

The Ampper Rock Lights’ lifespan is up to 50,000 hours and wrapped with heavy-duty polymer to make them heat, dirt, and waterproof.


  • Universal fit and shockproof
  • With an anti-corrosion covering
  • Inexpensive and great value
  • Portable size
  • Quite durable


  • It does not include a cable harness

Features You Should Consider When Buying Rock Lights for Jeeps

Before heading to the car accessories stores, you need to know the things to consider when buying rock lights for your Jeep. Familiarize yourself with the features below so you will not get frustrated purchasing the wrong one.

Brightness and Coverage

Two of the essential factors to consider when choosing your Jeep wrangler rock lights are brightness and coverage. The brightness the lights, the better visibility at night, and the safer you will drive even in the road’s darkest area.

Having better coverage means any obstacles are visible even from afar. The level of brightness is displayed as lumens output. So, the higher the lumens, the brighter the lights will be.

But this is not a recommended standalone metric that you should utilize to compare various light kits or brands. It is measured using Lumens per watt (L/W) in comparison.


Compatibility is your utmost priority as you will be frustrated if the light kit you bought will not fit your Jeep. Keep in mind that light kits are available in different sizes and types of vehicles. So, what may fit your Jeep will not fit your friends’ Jeep.

Searching for the one that is compatible with your Jeep is quite challenging. However, if you mention the make and model of your vehicle, you can easily find the right one, be it in a physical store or online.

You should research a specific product you are interested in buying but do not commit unless you are sure that the lights are designed specifically for your vehicle.

Structure and Materials

Another vital factor you should take into consideration is the structure and materials. Since the rock lights are usually mounted underneath the Jeep, make sure they can withstand the rocks, dust, and others during offroad driving. It’s a must that the rock lights are made of durable and resilient materials.

You will notice that most Jeep rock lights have die-cast aluminum housing. Even if they are resistant to corrosion and impact, regular care and maintenance are vital to extend their lifespan.


Durability is vital not only in buying rock lights but on all the products we purchase. You should not just settle for the one with adequate lighting offroad. You need to focus on durability as rock lights are exposed to impact from rocks and debris on the road.

Having broken lights when you needed them the most is such a frustrating event. In measuring how durable a particular brand of rock lights is, check on the IP rating. You will know the light’s strength and its effectiveness in weathering the elements.

Always remember that the higher the rating, the more durable the rock lights are. This also means that aside from rocks and debris, the lights can also deal with muddy and flooded terrains very well.


Consider the primary reason why you need to buy rock lights. If you intend to purchase the accessories not only to help you navigate at night but also for their visual effects, you can choose from many color-changing RGB. For rock lights designed to enhance your vehicle, you can install them underneath or underside and somewhere else. 

If you are getting rock lights for added illumination while driving at night, the monochromatic lights are what you need. Look for durable lights that can manage harsh weather if you are focused on driving.


The rock lights you choose will also depend on the control method you use. For in-town use, we suggest you choose the one that is controlled using a remote control. You can easily select colors and sync your favorite music. However, this may add to the cost of the rock lights. Your other option is the single switch control that you can turn on and off the light from inside your vehicle.


Choose rock lights with the best quality wiring. The wires must have a heavily insulated coating to withstand scratches and nicks. Accurately measures everything you need to connect all the rock lights underneath your vehicle. If you require to extend the wire, you can coil the cables together so there won’t be any loose wiring under the car.

Ease of Installation

If you plan to install the rock lights yourself, you must first check the installation method before buying. You can decide between magnetic and drill mount options. If you are driving on a very rough road, it is best to choose the drill mount. Driving in this condition can scrape off your lighting kit if you use the magnetically installed one.

Magnets are sturdy as they are rated for, so ensure you know the strength and the number of magnets in the kit. Consult the manual when installing the kit as any error in installation could affect the electrical in your car.

Regardless of what type of rock lights they are, installing them is not easy. Sometimes you will need the help of a professional. So do not forget to consider the installation method required before buying.

Other Vital Things You Need to Know

A.   How do you run a rock light?

Rock light’s primary function is to illuminate the road ahead as you go offroad driving in your Jeep. These lights are installed underside of the Jeep to brighten the road effectively. Most of the time, these lights are well-built and well-protected since they are exposed to tough terrains and other elements on the road. Weather is yet another factor that is considered when choosing the lights designed and built.

Some rock lights are installed in front of the vehicle, while others prefer them to be installed on the rear bumper to sharpen their vision as they do the reverse. Reversing in the dark is not easy, especially offroad, as you tend to hit on something before you know it.

B.   What Are Rock Lights Used For?

Fog lights and headlights are useful to brighten the road at night. But rock lights are more helpful as they can expose the rocks and debris ahead. Detecting these elements can protect your vehicle from getting damaged.

Off-road drivers usually use rock lights when driving offroad. These lights are installed on Jeeps, UTV, ATV, etc. For offroad drivers, rock lights provide added visibility and offer a sleek appearance to their rides. Rock lights will keep drivers safe at night.

These types of lights are installed underneath the vehicle so drivers can easily see what is ahead of the road. Since these lights are exposed to the impact of rocks and debris, these were built with tough glass and high-end aluminum housing. Manufacturers of rock lights make sure that the lights are waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and rustproof.

The rock lights are controlled by an app enabling the driver to turn on and off the lights if needed. Through the app, the driver can set the speed, strobe speed, and brightness. Depending on your preference, you can connect them to a switch integrated on your dashboard for easy flipping and turning them on.

C.   Benefits of having rock lights

Many drivers think that rock lights can brighten the road and enhance the look of their vehicles at the same time. But, there is more about these car accessories. Here are some of the benefits of having them installed in your vehicle.


Offroad drivers know what is in store for them on a rough road. When rocks suddenly appear, it could damage your vehicle. This is an unfortunate event, mainly if you are on the darkest part of the road. By installing rock lights, you can see the road from afar. You can swerve away from the debris and rocks scattered on the road thus, preventing accidents and damage in your vehicle.


You can have some fun while driving offroad as there are lots of added features that can make your driving experience enjoyable. Adding more features like lighting changes and pulse light to music can add art to the streets. Just make sure it won’t distract other drivers.


Rock lights should not be undercarriage of your vehicle. You can utilize them to light up other areas that require added light. Place them in the trunk of your car, ATVs, golf cars, boats, agricultural machinery, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are rock lights legal?

It depends on what state you are driving. Every state has its traffic rules. Some allow driving with rock lights on, even RGB rock lights are running. Other states prohibit you from doing this. You might get a traffic ticket because of this as it could distract other drivers. You need to check the rules and regulations of your warm white and cool white lights too.

What is the point of rock lights?

Rock lights are usually used in offroad driving, but they have other advantages. One of the best features of rock lights is that they can provide drivers clear nighttime visibility to enjoy the sleek look of the environment and feel safe while driving.

Rock lights can help you see rocks and debris that might damage your vehicle, which might not be noticed if you use only foglights or headlights. These lights are protected with high-end aluminum and tough glass. Thus, they won’t get damaged when driving on a rocky and very rough road.

The lights are either battery-powered or rechargeable. Most of them are controlled by an app where you can easily adjust the speed and brightness settings using your Smartphone or iOS.

Who makes RGB rock lights?

Some of the popular manufacturers of RGB rock lights are USTELLAR, Mustwin, Sunpie, and others. These brands are known for their quality rock lights and impressive products that will last longer.

Which rock lights are the brightest?

The brightest rock lights can change the color they want, and they can be pure white. Most of them are controlled by remote or Bluetooth and connected to halo headlights or wheels

How many rock lights should I get?

The number of rock lights will depend on how bright you want the road will be during your offroad driving. You can choose from 2 pods, 4 pods, 6 pods, and 12 pods.

Are rock lights hard to install?

Installation of LED rock lights is relatively straightforward. Some offroad vehicle owners are having fun installing the lights since it does not require major tools or hardware to complete the job. However, there are some rock lights with a complex process of installation. Also, the visual element they provide is unparalleled.

Where do you mount rock lights on a Polaris RZR?

You can install the rock lights underneath or underside your Polaris RZR. Others position their rock lights on the rear or front part of their Polaris. Some of the wires included in the package are not long enough. So, you might need additional cables.

Should I put rock lights on my truck?

Yes, you should mount rock lights in your truck. The lights will keep you safe and protected while driving on a rough road and during harsh weather. These lights are not just for offroad vehicles but other types of vehicles like ATVs, SUVs, etc.

Can you put rock lights on a car?

Yes, you can install rock lights on a car. However, you cannot use it when driving on a highway as it is illegal in some states. So, before buying and installing one, make sure you know the rules on using the rock lights.

How can I determine the lumen output of the rock lights?

Lumen output is also referred to as the light output or the brightness. The higher the lumen output, the brighter it will be. A 1600 lumen output is bright enough so you can see what is ahead of you. Rocks and other debris will become visible even in the darkest part of the road. But if you prefer the brightest rock lights, you can search for higher lumens.

Can Water or Harsh Environment Damage the Rock Lights?

No, the IP waterproof rating measures how resistant the rock lights are to water, dust, or corrosion. An IP68 rating can survive a 1.5m flood without getting damage. Also, the lights are protected with an aluminum die-cast, which is sturdy enough.

Do you need an extra battery for rock lights?

You have the option to install another battery for your rock lights, or you can just use whatever is installed on your car. Many offroad drivers prefer to have an extra battery especially for long hours of driving, so they will not run out of battery.


Is this your first time buying rock lights for your Jeep? If so, then you can consider purchasing any of the ten products we reviewed above. Each has excellent features that offroad drivers will surely love.

After reviewing the above rock lights, we find Mictuning RGB LED rock lights the best rock lights for jeeps if you want our suggestion. This brand provides some good features others may not have, and it is also priced reasonably. The lights function with an app that is relatively easy to install, and each light can last for 50,000 hours.

So, it will take five years or more to replace it. With its die-cast aluminum casing, the lights are protected from rocks and debris. Its 2nd generation Bluetooth controlling the lights, music mode, and others are easy to use. USTELLAR is our second best as it almost has the same features as Mictuning.

If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts about the topic, feel free to comment below.

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