How to Change a Rear Wheel Bearing

How to Change a Rear Wheel Bearing | Simple 8 Steps

Keeping and maintaining a vehicle is not easy. You have to be mindful of the various technical aspects of your vehicle. Since it is just like any other machinery, it needs periodic service and maintenance to ensure its long life. The parts of your car or a truck may show a variety of technical issues like wheel bearing problems and engine wear and tear.

So, in order to fix these issues, you need to dig deeper. If you are also of those whose car’s wheel bearing needs to be replaced, here is all you need to know. You can read further to know how you can change the bearing of your rear wheel of your vehicle.

Important things first:

You need to bear in mind that different models and makes may require different techniques. However, the general method is almost the same. You need to have a technical approach before you start working on the process. This will make things easier for you.

Tools required:

These are the tools which you should have within your arm’s length so that you may grab them when needed. This will help you at different steps of the process and you will also save time.

  • Breaker Bar
  • Wheel bearing assembly.
  • Socket set.
  • Jack.
  • Screwdriver.

Step One – Park the vehicle:

The first and the foremost is the precautionary measures. Yes! This is to refer to the fact that you need to park your vehicle somewhere on a flat surface where there is no chance of your car being rolled over while you are working. Well!

This step is important because failing so, you may risk your life with the vehicle for a potential accident if the vehicle is on the jack and it gets unstable. Therefore, do not ignore taking the protective measures.

Step Two – Use the Wheel chokes:

As an added protection, you may also use the wheel chokes to make sure that the vehicle is completely at rest. Yes! The wheel chokes are used to stop the movement of the vehicles when you are working on them. However, bear in mind that as you are changing the rear bearing, you have to place the chokes only behind all the wheels except the one on which you are working at the moment.

Step Three – Identify the bearing issue:

Here you have to make sure that it is the right bearing you are going to change. Yes, for that matter you need to confirm if the screeching noise in coming from the wheel while in motion and on rest. IF this is the case, it indicates that it is the rear wheel whose bearing needs to be replaced.

Step Four – Place the jack:

Now, you will place the jack to lift your vehicle from the rear end. Yes! It is better if you first loosen the nuts a bit, as it will give you better access to the internal parts of the vehicle. The impact wrench or a breaker bar will come in handy for you at this stage. Be careful about placing the jack.

Make sure that it is firmly placed under the designated spot under your vehicle. You can check exactly where you need to set it up even before you start working.

Step Five – Focus on the brakes:

The next step is the removal of brake callipers. Yes, it also depends on the model of your vehicle and the type of brake. If it has drum brakes, start with taking off the drum and then the choses. For the disc brakes, you will remove the rotor.

Step Six – Remove the Hub:

You will do this by setting up your jack right under the suspension. By doing this, you will make sure that the axle is exactly parallel to the ground. Noe tighten it once you make sure that your 3-arm puller is right in the centre of the axle shaft. If the shaft moves in ward a little bit before the hub pops out eventually, it is completely normal. You might also need some expert’s assistance here as you might not do it with ordinary tools and equipment.

Step Seven – Bearing:

To ensure the supply of heat, you will unsecure the tube. Now, you will have to remove the hex bolts which are keeping the CV joint in its place. The next, you can easily remove the axle. By doing this, you will be able to see the bolts, usually 4 in number, which hold the bearing race retainers. You will then remove these bolts. Bear in mind that you can do it only with the help of a bearing tool.

Step Eight – Place the new bearing:

Finally, you can now replace the old bearing with a new one. First, make sure that you grease the new bearing well enough. Now you will fix it there with the help of bearing tool. Place the race retainers in their right position with a toque wrench. You will tighten it to the extent mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual.

Now comes the installation of hub and the axle followed by hex bolts. Then you will place the rotor back and set up the parking brake. The main nut goes in there before you place the brake pads and calliper. Finally, you will reconnect the heater tub and then you need to put the wheel back in its place.


So, here is a complete guide which will help you doing the task. Yes! When you will follow the steps, you will be able to change the bad bearing of the rear wheel of your vehicle in no time. You do not need to call for a mechanic as it will save your precious time and money, it is also one of the easiest ways to do right in your own garage. Do not wait for a professional to help you with this. Be self-sufficient and be an expert.

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