How to Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter

How to Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter | Easy 6 Directions

Dirt bike air filter cleaning is a necessary process. One of the major critical components of an off-road bicycle is the bike’s air filter, which being remove relic and dirt from sucked into the motor. The dinosaur is exceptionally harming when they enter the motor’s interior as they result in wearing out of moving parts such as the engine.

Having your engine filled with plenty of clean air is necessary for it to operate at its maximum capacity–but having your air filter is among the most commonly forgotten motorcycle maintenance components! Check out this guide to keep your motorcycle air filter at its highest output to maintain your machine breathing safe and going!

What could the harm have caused by a dirty bike air filter?

A dirt bike air filter supports can avoid untimely motor wear or harm, costly repairs, lower motor control, destitute gas mileage, and start plug fouling. The air filter keeps up a sound motor, permitting clean discussion into your engine to combine fuel, combust, and deliver its control.

Over time, the amassing of dirt, tidy stones, and more can obstruct this wind stream. In the possible probability of making your channel is messy, your motor should work harder to draw in discussion or cool down.

In the long run, it can suck those unwanted materials into your engine from the discussion admissions, whereas on the street, possibly harming the cylinders and blocking your carburetor.

What should they use for safety when cleaning a bike carburetor?

Apart from that, Security is exceptional, to begin with, things you ought to consider when cleaning a bike carburetor. Besides wearing security glasses, you must use security gloves throughout the method to ensure yourself from chemicals within the gasoline, which can aggravate your skin.

After getting the two things, you may need to guarantee that your working region is clean and appropriately lit. Also, the cleanliness is imperative when undertaking any classic bicycle work, but it is more vital when working on carburetors.

How to Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter

Types of Motorcycle Air Filters

First off, let’s discuss the several forms of air filters somewhere on the marketplace, and narrow it down the quest for all of you to the correct one. Motorbike filters have three primary types: paper filters, foam filters, and cotton filters.

Paper Filters

Many street bikes come in stock with a paper filter like some BMC Motorcycle Replacement Air Filters. Most people prefer paper filters, so they’re inexpensive and straightforward to dispose of.

There is virtually no washing necessary. You can’t even clean them; only tear it down and destroy it, leaving it worthless. We get thrown when those are filthy, and a new one takes root.

Foam Filters

Usually, foam filters are available for off-road bikes. Like paper filters in street bikes that need repair, foam filters may wash and recycled, rendering them relatively cheap in terms of a lifetime worth relative to pulp filters.

But although paper filters are often accused of not filtering enough particulates, some say that foam filters do not enable enough airflow, mainly because they are filthy. Foam filters are usually denser, meaning they allow less air in, but this is important for efficient filtration, particularly in the dirtier dusted conditions in which we sometimes use them.

Cotton Filters

The last alternative, a cotton filter, is the costliest of the three, but there’s a reason; for improved efficiency, they not only circulate more air but can be washed and recycled for hundreds of thousands of miles.

When a cotton filter is correctly treated, then the motor itself will comfortably outlast it, and that is why others believe a few of these filters are “the last one you’ll ever have to purchase.”

How Cleaning a bike carburetor & solvent?

Cleaning a bike carburetor first, check the carburetor for erosion. It can end primordial.

Carburetors up eroded after broad use. If this can be the case, you must supplant it. In case there’s no erosion, you’ll be able to clean a bike carburetor together with your arrangement.

If you’re hitting the sand rises or riding in parcels of soil or rock, you’d be astute at providing it an excellent cleaning after each overwhelming ride. Dirt bicycle racers ought to make a standard propensity to clean the air filter, maintain a strategic distance from harming the cylinder, and block up the carburetor.

When polishing your air filter, it’s imperative to use a cleaner that will completely evacuate dirt and waste without petroleum-based chemicals, which can harm or break down the filter materials. You ought to dodge using solvents or lamp fuel for this reason.

Also, scrubbing the air filter is very simple. Here are a few easy directions for cleaning your bike quickly.

How to Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter

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How to clean dirt bike air filter?

Direction -1. Evacuate Air Filter: 

Take the air filter out, taking care to form beyond any doubt; no dirt falls into the discussion box or admissions. Put a clean cloth over the entrances, whereas you clean the filter. If there’s any lodging on the channel, evacuate the accommodation and the wing nut joining the track to evacuate the external component.

Above and beyond, dismiss the air filter’s position and see the air filter inside the discussion boxing, and after that, expel the holding jolt and washer. Now, you may completely evacuate the air filter from the air-box. You may need to remove the skeleton/framework that holds the foam and keeps it in shape.

Direction – 2. Lead Cleaner:

Wash the filter’s finished surface with extraordinarily straightforward green motors ports cleaner and degreaser, permitting the cleaner to splash into the filter. Once you’ve evacuated the larger part of grime, wash the filter in warm, sudsy water. Press the filter thoroughly to clean out, and after that, flush altogether with clean water.

Direction -3. Scour It: 

Using a spigot or cultivation hose recently, wash the filter from the interior to avoid pushing dirt to encourage into the channel’s strands. Maintain a strategic distance from wringing or extending effortlessly. Wash until the water runs clear. Rehash handles in case essential.

Direction- 4. Arid: 

Jiggle any free water from the filter; at that point, set it down to air dry. Make beyond any doubt filter has been dry sometime recently, oiling and supplanting. Similarly, hold the advantage of the drying time to clean out your air box. Expel any dirt buildup from the air-box’s foot and attempt to wipe off any remaining oil from the filter’s mounting surfaces.

Direction -5. Use the Vacuum Cleaner:

The least demanding way to clean a bike air filter is with a vacuum cleaner. Interface the hose connection to your standard family vacuum, and you’ve got the ideal instrument for getting into the edges of the filter itself.

Vacuum both sides of the filter for approximately two minutes, making beyond any doubt you’ve got all the specific dirty things; when you’re done, hold the filter up to a shining light, as this will appear any bits you might have missed. Also, go over the filter once more; at that point, you’re prepared to supplant it.

Direction -6. Oil and Supplant: 

In case you have got an oiled filter, take after this step. Use fresh filter oil to soak the complete channel, counting the fixing rib and lip. Besides, continuously take after the manufacturer’s total informational for cleaning and upkeep. Make beyond any doubt the motor is cool to the touch sometime recently cleaning.

We suggest checking your air filter after each ride. If it hasn’t been an incredibly dusty day, there are viable grass seeds or sand in the filter if you have been riding sandy or green trails.


A dirty air filter can cause many problems while it will progress cleaning, but Clean a dirt bike air filter is a simple process. Alternatively, you have several potential directions for preventing dirty air filters.

Overall, anything has to do with your initiative effort. It is an essential part of a motorbike. The unclean bike can cause several problems. Therefore, clean a bike air filter will make you go quicker and draw out your motor’s life. You pay attention to it, and it’ll beware of you.

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