How to Install Underglow on a Car

How to Install Underglow on a Car?

Mounting an underglow on your car is an appealing upgrade that will get the attention of many car lovers. The underglow kit includes all the needed wiring and mounting hardware. Just make sure you purchase the one compatible with your vehicle. The wiring connections ran in sequence. One wire runs from the control box to the first light to the next light and so on until it reaches the last light, then back to the control box. You need to install a toggle switch in the car to control the underglow lights.

Installing could be a challenge to some car owners who are not familiar with the tools and wires. So we have written this how to install underglow on a car guide to help you complete the task.

What is Underglow Kit?

Underglow kit is attached to your vehicle’s exterior to produce a glow of colorful light that glows from the undercarriage. The kit will make your car stand out and provide better visibility. It is pretty popular because of its wide range of customization options and the latest technology applied, making lighting set up fun and exciting.

Why Buy an Underglow Kit?

The primary purpose of buying an underglow kit is for added safety. Aside from the headlights, underbody lights can signal other drivers and pedestrians, particularly in low-light conditions. The light glows at a limited distance, but those on the road will surely detect your presence. It is somewhat similar to an LED vest for your vehicle.

Others are using the underglow lights to accessorize their car. Some people are using it to light up the underbody during repairs or maintenance services. The underglow lights are made with LED bulbs which you can use 1/10 of the power drawn by regular incandescent bulbs. It is pretty versatile and can be installed on almost any vehicle, from passenger cars to trucks.

How to Install Underglow on a Car

What You Need

You cannot complete the installation of underglow on your car without the following tools and materials:

  • Electric drill with bits and screwdrivers or screw-gun
  • Electrical wire-strippers (optional)
  • Heat gun
  • Lift or jack
  • Pencil or marker
  • Silicone sealant
  • Soldering gun and solder (optional)
  • Underglow kit

Steps on How to Install Underglow on a Car

Safety when installing an underglow on a car is the most vital step. Accidents are unavoidable, but if you are careful, they can be prevented. Below are the steps you should follow in installing underglow on a car.

Step #1 Gather the Tools and Materials You Need

Prepare all the things you need ahead of time, so you don’t have to go somewhere while in the middle of the installation. Place your tools near your working area so you can reach them with ease. It will help if you have a tool tray to place everything you need once you start with the underglow installation. Ensure you got the right tools and complete them before you begin. 

Step #2 Disconnect the Battery

When working with your car, it is best to disconnect the battery first before starting. It is better to be safe than sorry. Disengage the cables connected to the battery. This will also prevent damaging the electrical system of your car and keep you protected against electric shocks. 

Step #3 Layout the Underglow Kit

Open the kit, layout the lights, and scan your vehicle to find the best spot to install the underglow lights. Install the lights away from the brake lines, fuel lines, and other parts that may heat up fast and moving parts that might get damaged easily. Clean the area to maximize the lighting effect.

Mount the two longer lights under the vehicle’s door, and place the shorter lights under the front and back bumper.

Start preparing the hardware for each light. One tube requires two mounting brackets and four self-tapping metal screws.

Step #4 Raise the Car

Once you have decided where to place the underglow lights, get your jack and raise the car to access the chosen area. Secure your vehicle, set the neon tubes on the desired spot. There are instances when the location you choose is not good for the underglow, which means you have to look for another area to install the tubes or check the packaging for any recommendation.

You can position the control box near the battery and secure it with double-sided tape.

Step #5 Install the Neon Tubes

Mount the neon tubes in a concealed area under the chassis, so debris will not fall on them when driving. The underglow kit includes metal brackets or plastic clips, which you will need in installing the tubes.

Measure the area where you will need to drill the holes. Be careful when making the holes as it might compromise the chassis stability.

Get a marker and mark the spot so you will not drill a hole in the wrong place. Check if the holes are big enough to fit the tubes.

Step #6 Drill the Holes

Begin drilling the holes on the area you marked for mounting brackets, supporting the neon lights, and holding them in position. Put a pea-sized amount of silicone sealant on the holes, protecting them against rust and keep the chassis from corrosion.

Step #7 Insert the Screws into the Holes

Unpack the screws from the underglow kit and position the bracket. Insert the screw into the holes and screw the bracket but not too tight yet. Position the wires exposed from the side tubes so they will be in the front of the vehicle—repeat steps #5, 6, 7 to mount the rest of the screws and brackets.

Most cars are designed with the transformer on the right side of the battery. You will need to make holes for this, and the instructions may vary, depending on the underglow lights you purchased. Do not throw the packaging yet until you finish the installation.

Step #8 Connect the Transformer to Lighting Circuit

Cut and join the wires and use a soldering gun to stick them together. You can consult the instructions manual on how it is done. Some brands of neon light tubes need to be installed in various ways. Thus, it is a must you check the manual.

For the battery, it is recommended to use an inline fuse 18 inches or below in length. Screw the negative wire into your car’s chassis for the power circuit. Next, run the wire into the vehicle’s interior so you can connect it to a control switch used to turn on or off the underglow.

Step #9 Consult the Instructions Manual For the Final Step

After completing the initial installation, review the instruction manual included in the package and check if there is something that you have missed. If everything looks okay, you can continue to reconnect the negative terminal to the battery. You can now test the installed underglow.

Final Thoughts

Installing underglow on a car is not as hard as you think it is. However, you need to follow safety precautions when doing it. Make sure you have bought the neon lights compatible with your vehicle, or it will not provide the purpose of installing them. If you want to share your thoughts or ideas about how to install underglow on a car, you can write them down in the comment box below.

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