How to Wire Fog Lights to a Toggle Switch

How to Wire Fog Lights to a Toggle Switch?

Driving in foggy conditions is quite dangerous. You need efficient lights to light up the road. Installing fog lights under the bumper can provide the illumination you need. If this is your first time to do this, read this how-to wire fog lights to a toggle switch guide that could help you.

Wiring fog lights to a toggle switch lets you control them remotely. To turn on the lights, simply flip the switch and let the power flow from the battery to the lights. Then, flip the switch to turn it off to break the circuit and stop the flow of the electricity.

Below are the easy steps on wiring the fog lights to a toggle switch.

What are Fog Lights?

Fog lights are made to provide light during foggy conditions, snow, heavy mist, and others when there is poor visibility in the road. They are different from daytime running lights. These are additional lights mounted low on your car since the fog does not settle on the road surface but hovers inches away above it.

The use of auto fog lights or fog lamps differs from state to state. You cannot use fog lights in a manner that produces glare for other drivers. It should be pointing down and used to not interfere with the other drivers within 25 feet.

When to Use the Fog Lights?

Fog lights should be aimed low, and use selective yellow light as they are of no use to you when driving in good conditions. It only means there is no reason to turn your fog lights unless there is a poor visibility situation.

As mentioned earlier, the lights are helpful during heavy rain, fog, snow, or excessive dust in the environment. Avoid using your high beams if you are experiencing poor visibility, as it might reflect at you and causes a glare or dazzle effect. Instead, use the fog lights as they can help you see the road properly.

The fog lights illuminate the ground in front of your vehicle. When using only fog lamps, it is dangerous to drive at high speed. It is illegal in some areas to drive using only the fog lights, even if the main beam headlights are creating glare. When using your fog lights, drive carefully and slowly so you can reach your destination safely.

Steps on How to Wire Fog Lights to a Toggle Switch

Safety is essential, so do not forget to disconnect the positive battery cable from your battery’s positive terminal before working on any electrical circuit on your vehicle. If you fail to do this, it will lead to painful electric shock and damage your car’s electric components.

How to Wire Fog Lights to a Toggle Switch

What You Need?

To make it easier for you to work, it is best to gather the tools you need before starting. You do not want to get interrupted as you work on the wires—no need to buy the most expensive tools. What you already have is enough to help you complete the task.

  • Diagonal pliers
  • Fog lights
  • Toggle switch
  • Electrical tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Wirecutter
  • Wire stripper
  • Wire crimpers

Part 1 – Installing the Toggle Switch

First, you have to decide where to install the toggle switch. Position it near the old button to use the same wire connected to the old one. So, you don’t have to install new wirings for your toggle switch for your fog lights.

Step #1 Consult the Manual

Check the manual and make sure you find the correct wire that provides electricity supply to the fog lights. Disconnect the wire and replace the old toggle switch with the new button.

Step#2 Identify the Type of Toggle Switch

Every toggle switch differs, and so does the wiring process. Some attachments are done at the back of the toggle switch, depending on the switch’s appearance, and some controllers may have a screw connected to the headlight’s wire. Others have a blade-type connection that fastens the cables in position.

Step #3 Locate the Right Wire

After finding the correct wire that connects to the switch and the fog light, join them. Cut the end of the cables and connect to the blade connector. Using the wire strippers, remove half an inch of the wire to connect it to the blade connector. With a plier, keep the connector together, cover the connection with electrical tape so the cables will not come out, and keep it safe.

Part II Wiring the Fog Lights to a Toggle Switch

Step #1 Connect the Toggle Switch Wires to Fog Lights

Ensure you connect the wires to the toggle switch and the fog lights properly. Identify which type of connection is needed – ground, power, and accessory to connect in the proper order. Once you are sure the wires are safe with the electrical tape, check the switch and test if the fog lights turn on.

Step #2 Mount the Switch

Once you have completed the wirework, mount the switch close to the old button by screwing it. You can also thread the nut at the back of the button. Make sure no metal comes in contact with the switch as it may cause a short circuit.

After completing the wiring of fog lights to a toggle switch, test the fog lights if it is working perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a toggle switch?

A toggle switch is a hinged switch used to turn on and off. Because of their ease of use, the toggle switches are used in various applications. The toggle switch is used for commercial and household appliances and is used as a light control switch.

What are the two types of toggle switches?

The two basic types of toggle switches are momentary toggle switches and maintained contact. A maintained contact switch modifies its position when triggered and will keep that post until set in motion again like an on/off. The momentary toggle switch is activated only when a person is operating the button.

Final Thoughts

Wiring fog lights to a toggle switch makes it easier for you to turn on and off the lights when needed. Since the toggle switch is a digital switch, the fog lights are easy to install and operate. It is best to choose a toggle switch that is like sliders. Select reliable fog lights you can depend on. Ensure it will not cause glare when used and is bright enough to drive safely even during poor visibility.

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