Why Use Amber Off Road Lights

Discovering Why Use Amber Off Road Lights?

You are on this page because you want to know whether you need off-road lights for your vehicle or not. Or maybe you are confused as to what type of off-road lights you need. Choosing the best off-road lights for your car is not easy. But before you jump into the selection process, you need to know first the reasons why use amber off-road lights.

What Type of Off-Road Lights You Need

There are various types of off-roading, and some lights are highly recommended for particular activities than others. The lights you need for high-speed wheeling in the desert are not the same if you are off-roading at a moderate pace.

You will need lights that illuminate objects from afar for high-speed off-roading and require short, mid and long-range lighting.

For low-speed off-roading like rock crawling or challenging your driving skills in technical trails, you need full peripherical lighting.

You need short to mid-range lighting that provides versatile lighting balance for most driving needs if you are between the two categories. You also have the option to add some long-range lights.

Choosing the Right Color of Your Off-Road Lights

Off-road lights are also available in amber and white color. In some situations, amber lights perform better than white lights and vice versa. Amber lights are pretty reliable in foggy, snowy, dusty, or rainy conditions as they can cut through the airborne particles more than white light. But white lights are brighter even if they have similar power output.

Amber and white lights differ mainly in their color temperature. Kelvin is used in measuring the color temperature. The lowest value is around 2500 to 4000 K, which appears more yellow, while the highest is from 4000 to 7000 K, white and sometimes in blue/violet range at the upper end. White lights with higher color temperatures have a shorter wavelength, making the light bounce off in the air providing poor visibility in the fog, snow, rain, or dust.

It is better to have a balanced lighting setup, combining the amber lights and white lights, or have the option to use an amber light and turn off the white lights if needed.

Reasons Why Use Amber Off-Road Lights?

Amber off-road lights are popular because of the many benefits it provides. White lights may be brighter than amber, but there are things amber is more efficient at.

Gentle On Your Vision

Amber is usually perceived as a yellow or orange color and is gentler on your eyes compared to traditional bright white light. Your eyes are protected against the damaging effect of white lights. It makes your vehicle visible to other drivers, which helps improve the safety of everyone on the road.

Can Be Used as an Emergency Light

Amber lights are also used to inform other drivers you are working on something in your vehicle. The flashing lights send a signal of caution to those who are on the road. Drivers are usually taught to associate amber lighting with construction tow trucks en route in the accident’s scene, road maintenance, and other non-emergency vehicles. In this sense, it signals other drivers to make them aware a car is at work.

Helps the Road Visible During Foggy, Snowy, Rainy, and Dusty Condition

Amber lights can help one see clearly in foggy, snowy, rainy, and dusty conditions, thus preventing accidents on the road. Many drivers believe that amber lights penetrate fog better. The color does not provide discomfort glare in your eyes. White and blue light during snowy or foggy weather is quite glaring for the eyes and makes you tired. So, if you are driving on a snowy road, the white lights can make you feel tired.

Amber Off-Road Lights are Available in Various Bulb Type

Amber lights are available in various bulb types. Here are tips on choosing your amber lights bulb type:

Halogen Off-road Lights

This type of bulb is perfect if you do off-road often or on a limited budget. Although replacements are cheaper and easy to find, halogen bulbs do not provide as much light as HIG or LED, so you will not get optimal visibility. Likewise, this bulb type is less energy-efficient and does not have a crisp light beam. Thus, it is not recommended for floodlights where the objective is to have focused lighting.

LED Off-Road Lights

LED is the newest and yet the most popular bulb type today. It can use 1/10th of the amount of energy halogen bulbs use, more durable, long-lasting, and compact than other bulbs. Also, off-road LED lights are stylish. They are made in various colors and shapes.

If you are not an expert on installing the LED lights, it is best to let the professionals do it, as improper installation could prematurely burn out the system. This bulb type is recommended for light bars and the off-roader.

HID Off-Road Lights

This type of bulb has the best illuminating capabilities. It shines twice as far as LED lights. So, if you are after brightness, this is the bulb type you need. HID lights are recommended for traveling at high speeds at night.

You Can Choose From Different Amber Lights Pattern

Below are four types of light beam patterns: driving, flood, spot, and fog.

Spot Lights

This light pattern produces a focused beam of light that can reach a far distance ahead of your car.  It is extremely bright however it can illuminate a limited area as the light beam it produces is not spread out, unlike the other types. Spot lights are usually used in commercial, racing, and agricultural applications and are not suggested to be used on the road.

Driving Lights

The driving lights are used to support your high beams by illuminating the area further and broader compared to your headlights. These lights are best for off-road trail riding and at night driving for better visibility.

Fog Lights

The amber fog lights are installed below the headlights to produce beam that brightens the pathway and penetrates the fog, dust, snow, rain, or other particles, making it easier to see even in bad weather. It is best to use it along with your main headlights for optimum illumination.

Flood Lights

This pattern can illuminate a bigger area within a short-range. It is referred to as work lights or backup lights to brighten the space nearby.

Final Thoughts

So, why use amber off-road lights? It is reliable, safe for the human eye, available in various patterns and bulb types, and very helpful during emergency vehicle work. Some areas may have some issues using amber lights, so it is best to check on your local authorities before using them. If you want to share your thoughts or have some questions, you can write them down in the comment box below.

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